New health care case study methodology starting with DISRUPTION/ DISINTERMEDIATION Doctor, Did You Wash Your Hands?™

My name is Jonathan Metsch and I would like to share my Career Capstone Project with you.

I taught full time in the Baruch MBA in Health Care Administration program from 1972 to 1975, then was a health care administrator for over thirty years, finishing for seventeen years as President & CEO of LibertyHealth/ Jersey City Medical Center, where we built a replacement safety-net hospital (it took 15 years), played a key role on September 11th, 2001, and while we had many successes, we learned much more from our failures.

After retiring from LibertyHealth, I returned to my academic roots in the Baruch program for four years as Adjunct Professor. And started writing case studies. Health care disruption is so complex that there are few, if any, up-to-date case studies. So I developed a method of contemporaneous cases studies each developed by curating news articles into a coherent thread.

Here’s how to take a test ride:
Go to my web site Doctor, Did You Wash Your Hands?™
Then on the top of the home page click on the category TRANSFORMATION
And you will find six posts on Health Care Disruption which together comprise a yet ongoing case study.

Similarly if you click on ObamaCare/ TrumpCare you will find fifty plus posts together tracking the legislative history of Repeal and Place.

And then you can click on Opioid Crisis and see that case study.

Finally you can scroll through the 150+ posts and see mini case studies on a variety of topics.

Coming soon will be cases on “Right to Try” and the cost of prescription drug/ generic drugs.
You are welcome to use any of the content on the web site, using hyperlinks (with attribution please)!

And I would appreciate your comments

If you would like to share your case studies I will be happy to post them on my web site.



Jonathan M. Metsch, Dr.P.H.
Clinical Professor, Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Adjunct Professor, Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration & Rutgers School of Public Health
Faculty Affiliate (formerly Adjunct Professor), Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, C.U.N.Y.

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