You are Chief Preparedness Officer at Chiang Rai Region General Hospital in Thailand waiting for the twelve boys and their coach trapped in a cave

Assignment: How are you preparing for the treatment and rehabilitation of the boys and their coach

Prequel. August 24, 2017

We don’t know what we don’t know”.  The challenge to emergency preparedness…..

“Twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave in northern Thailand are in good health, authorities said Tuesday, but it is unclear when they will be able to leave the flooded cavern.

The boys, all members of a youth soccer team aged 11 to 16, and their assistant coach, aged 25, were found late Monday by rescue divers after a dramatic search lasting more than a week in the mountainous province of Chiang Rai.

Provincial Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn told reporters early Tuesday that all 13 of them had undergone health assessments and were found to be in good condition on a scale of “red, yellow and green.” Most were found to be in the green category…

Once extracted, the boys and their coach will be transferred to Chiang Rai Region General Hospital, where the entire 8th floor is being held for their arrival. Thirteen ambulances are on standby to transport them.

The boys are believed to have entered the Tham Luang cave after soccer practice with their assistant coach, Ekkapol Chantawong, on what was meant to be a half-day trek. But monsoon rains flooded several chambers and blocked their exit.

The saga of the trapped team has gripped the nation as search efforts snowballed from a small local team to a multinational emergency response. U.S. and Australian military personnel came to support Thai authorities, as well as technical experts from the U.K., China, Japan and elsewhere.” (A)

“Their skinny faces illuminated by a flashlight, the Thai soccer teammates stranded for nearly two weeks in a partly flooded cave said in a video released Wednesday that they were healthy, as heavy rains forecast for later this week threatened to complicate plans to safely extract the boys.

The 12 boys and their coach are seen in the video sitting with Thai navy SEALs in the dark cave. The boys, many wrapped in foil warming blankets, take turns introducing themselves, pressing their hands together in a traditional Thai greeting and saying their names and that they are healthy…

Authorities said the boys, who had also been shown Tuesday in a video shot by the British diver who discovered them, were being looked after by seven members of the Thai navy SEALs, including medics, who were staying with them inside the cave. They were mostly in stable condition and have received high-protein drinks.

In all of the videos, the boys appeared in good spirits. In the most recent video, a navy SEAL is shown treating minor cuts on the feet and legs of the boys with antibiotic ointment. Several of the boys are seen smiling as they interact with the navy SEAL, who cracks jokes.”

“On Tuesday, Thai officials told reporters that rescuers were providing health checks and treatment, and keeping the boys entertained, adding that none of those trapped were in a serious condition.

“They have been fed with easy-to-digest, high-energy food with vitamins and minerals, under the supervision of a doctor,” Rear Admiral Apagorn Youkonggaew, head of the Thai navy’s special forces, told reporters.” (C)