I just got an urgent cold call from a Financial Advisor recommending I buy warrants  in UBER since it is about to announce the opening of  a system of  “gig” urgi-care, UBER HEALTH.

You will be able to get a doctor to make a house call within ten minutes using a new UBER HEALTH APP. . If the doctor prescribes an MRI an imaging van will be sent to your house within one hour. Read by a radiologist somewhere in the ethernet.

There will be surge pricing and competition from LYFTparamedic.

Further research disclosed:

IBM WATSON DX will enable you to self-diagnose your health problems and treatment plans through secret proprietary algorithms, while the doctor is on the way.

APPLE MEDICAL SCHOOL will have virtual clinical rotations in medicine, pediatrics, surgery and obs/gyn, where students will deliver virtual babies.

WALMART HOSPITALS will become the anchor hospitals in many communities, right across from Walmart stores.

BLACKROCKdoc will employ 75% of physicians, with practice purchases funded by creating clinical derivatives.

AMAZONrx will dominate the mail order prescription medicine market.

MICROSOFTcare will capture 50% of the health insurance market driving Aetna, United and the Blue Cross plans out of business.

YAHOOlitigator will be do malpractice trolling akin to reverse mortgages.

To quote President Trump “nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated”…

So I am going to sell all these stocks short.







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