RAPID RESPONSE. Hurricane Dorian – Hospital Preparedness

ASSIGNMENT: You are the CEO of a hospital in the cone of Hurricane Dorian! Tomorrow morning you have an 8AM Board of Trustees Conference Call to brief Board members on your hospital’s Rapid Response plan.

Starting with the sources below prepare your 15 minute presentation!


We don’t know what we don’t know” The challenge to emergency preparedness…..

Project Management. The hardest part of getting started….is getting started  http://doctordidyouwashyourhands.com/2019/04/project-management-the-hardest-part-of-getting-started-is-getting-started/

“…the only way..to respond to a crisis ..is to ensure every member of the staff feels as though they are part of a team.” (Hurricanes, Mass Disasters, Wild Fires)

Tomorrow morning’s Emergency Preparedness meeting (just scheduled for 8AM)


Hospital disaster preparedness: best practices learned from Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Season Ready: Preparedness and Response Resources

Agency for Health Care Administration.  Health Care Facility Updates


Hurricane Preparedness in New York State


5 lessons all cities can learn from Hurricane Katrina


Lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy


Hospitals gather supplies, prepare staff as Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida coast


How Florida hospitals are getting ready for Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian: Central Florida hospitals making sure they’re ready, and free-standing ERs, too


Southwest Florida hospitals are ready for Hurricane Dorian

Palms West Hospital


Memorial Hospital Jacksonville


West Florida Hospital


“Houston’s world-renowned health care infrastructure found itself battered by Hurricane Harvey, struggling to treat storm victims while becoming a victim itself.”

After Hurricane Harvey – Robust Public Health Response

Hurricane Harvey. “There’s no need to test it (flood water),”…“It’s contaminated. There’s millions of contaminants.”…

“Calling 911 (about Hurricane Harvey) didn’t work. Begging for help on Facebook and Instagram failed, too. “I was like, ‘Siri’s smart enough! Let me ask her!’ …

After Hurricane Harvey a man in Texas says he got infected with flesh-eating bacteria

As he looked at the full beds and patients “packed and stacked in the hallways,” he shifted into triage mode, asking himself “Who’s dying first?” and who could he save.

It appears that Hurricane Irma evacuation shelter managers may make people wait outside for hours? If so, just welcome them in and then do the registration process inside.

‘This Is Like in War’ – Lessons Learned about Hospital Hurricane Preparedness

The new Jersey City Medical Center (2004) was constructed above the 100 year flood plain – then came Sandy, Harvey & Irma

You are Chief Preparedness Officer at Chiang Rai Region General Hospital in Thailand waiting for the twelve boys and their coach trapped in a cave

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