What’s in your wallet? Are you prepared for a medical emergency while on vacation? Some suggestions…

When preparing for your vacation here are some health care preparedness steps to consider taking.

First, make sure you carry all medications (prescription and “over-the counter”) that you take daily, or when needed, with a few extra days worth in case you are delayed getting home.

Second, if travelling abroad make sure your vaccinations/ immunizations are up-to-date.

Third, carry the following information:

1. All your health insurance and prescription drug cards and the “800” numbers to call if you need “prior approval” or are “out of network” (if you have a card listing copayments, that too)

2. The business cards of your PCP and any other physicians you see regularly

3. A list of all the medications you take daily (and as needed)

3. Your immunization record ( I still have mine from the Air Force circa 1967)

4. A card with anything you are allergic to….medications, foods, stings etc..

5. If doable how to connect to your Electronic Health Record (EHR or EMR)

6. Ask your physician if you should carry a copy of a recent EKG

7. And for seniors your Living Will and Health Care Proxy

Go over this list with your Primary Care Physician.

Make sure a family member knows what you are carrying or has a complete set as well.

And remember EMERGENCY ROOMS are not all created equal!    http://doctordidyouwashyourhands.com/2016/04/emergency-rooms-are-not-all-created-equal/

Note: This blog shares general information about understanding and navigating the health care system. For specific medical advice about your own problems, issues and options talk to your personal physician.

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