“The quiz below is designed to help you test your knowledge of Zika and separate facts from rumors and misinformation.”

Recently the Washington Post * reported:

1   What is Zika?

2   When was Zika first discovered?

3   Who can be infected by Zika?

4   This map shows the countries that are currently affected by the outbreak of Zika. What country is missing?

5   The World Health Organization has declared the Zika outbreak a global public health emergency. When was the last time the WHO used this terminology?

6   How many people has WHO estimated could get Zika in the next 12 months

7   Which of the following is NOT known to be a symptom of Zika infection?

8   What percentage of people who catch Zika are believed to show symptoms?

9   Roughly how many adult deaths have been linked to Zika during this outbreak?

10 The recent outbreak of Zika is being linked to a rise in the number of cases of microcephaly. What is microcephaly?

11 What autoimmune disorder is also suspected of having a link to Zika?

12 How is Zika primarily spread?

13 Recently, a Dallas resident was infected with Zika. Why was this noteworthy?

14 True or false: Zika can be spread through blood transfusions.

15 True or false: Zika can be spread by kissing or sharing cutlery.

16 True or false: There is a proven link between the rise in the number of cases of microcephaly and the use of pesticides.

17 In response to the Zika outbreak, a number of Latin American countries have advised women to do what?

* to read the full Washington Post quiz by Adam Taylor, click on Quiz: What do you actually know about Zika?

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